Cobb Meadow School is a Waldorf preschool and kindergarten for children aged three to six that provides a nourishing, supportive environment honoring the wonder and dignity of childhood. Through imaginative free play, storytelling, songs, painting, projects and cooking, children learn about themselves and the world around them.

The changing seasons are central to classroom and outdoor activities, from autumn apple picking and applesauce making to boiling sap and pancake day in Spring. Our school festivals also celebrate and reflect the seasons: honoring the harvest in September; shining light into Fall’s growing darkness with our Lantern Walk in November; rejoicing in the return of Spring as we dance around the May Pole.

The rhythm of the school day—beginning with free play then circle time, the ritual of sitting down together for a collectively prepared snack and the joy of outdoor play—carries the children through each day.

Cobb Meadow School is open from September through June and follows local school calendars. Children may attend three, four or five mornings a week, 8:30 a.m. to 1:00 p.m., with optional aftercare until 3 or 3:30 p.m. We accept limited rolling admission throughout the school year. Financial assistance is available and family discounts are provided.

What drew me to Waldorf education is its respect for childhood. There will be time for homework, but there's not a lot of time for children to just be children, doing their job of playing. We have two very—very!—active boys. At Cobb Meadow, they get plenty of time to run, climb, build, dig, tunnel, tumble—indoors and out. And through that, they learned about working together, expanded their imaginations, and deepened their creativity. Kara

Mark your calendar for all that’s happening at CMS!  Download Cobb Meadow School Calendar 2016-2017