My daughter said wistfully one day, “There are so many happy days.” “Why is that?” I asked. “Well, there are school days, and those are happy days. Then there is Christmas. And my birthday. That is a lot of days.” I can’t think of a better endorsement—Cobb Meadow equal to Christmas and birthdays!   —Chris

As the chill of autumn calls us to prepare for winter, we put the gardens to bed and gather the harvest. We dress in the bright colors of Fall—oranges, reds and yellows—to celebrate the changing season. It is a busy festival day: pressing cider, churning applesauce, children walking the balance beam and climbing hay bales as they navigate an obstacle course, ending with an outdoor picnic lunch.

Lantern Walk
Families gather around the campfire to hear a story before the children are given their candle lanterns, readying to follow the path of luminaries down the hill through the apple trees. After the procession of lanterns, we gather back at the fire to sing songs and sip hot cider before heading off into the dark night.

Spiral Walk
As the days grow shorter and the light grows dim, we draw our thoughts inward for a special time of reflection, honoring the light within each of us. Families gather at the school in the evening to witness the children walk a spiral of balsam branches. Each child's candle is lit by the seated angel at its center. The children begin their journey outward, choosing where on the path to place their candles.

May Day
Our May Day Festival relishes in the arrival of Spring! We dance and sing beneath our May Pole to the strains of the accordion, weaving a web of colorful ribbons. A family picnic follows our celebration.

Birthdays are wonderful occasions to celebrate together. The birthday child’s parents are welcome to join at story time to share an anecdote from each year of their child’s life and help sing “Put on your crown of gold, put on your cape of blue...” as the birthday child parades into the circle wearing his or her homemade crown. A special treat is prepared and each child makes a drawing that is bound into a book for the birthday king or queen of the day!

Family Gatherings
A Family Potluck with alumni, siblings and friends ends our school year.
Summer Garden Days, held six consecutive Wednesday mornings in July and August, provide time for new and returning families to meet each other and enjoy the garden, with outdoor playtime for children. A refreshing snack is provided.