My daughter once asked me on the way home from school if she could spend the night at Cobb Meadow. I knew just what she meant. You feel at home the moment you walk through the door. It is the perfect mix: calm and reassuring while simultaneously bustling with friends and activity. I can see how the place fills her. It feels like she's building a solid foundation from which she will leap.   —Anna
Cobb Meadow School was founded in 1992 by Libby Haddock and her late husband, Jim. Their motivation, as Libby says, was to “create an environment for the preservation of childhood.” Libby, an experienced Waldorf educator, and Jim, a jack of all trades, established the qualities at the core of Cobb Meadow School today: the comfort and security of having the school based on the ground floor of Jim and Libby’s home; the busyness and satisfaction of the workings of a real kitchen; and the spark of adventure—plus a bit of mischief—that often came from Jim’s love of projects of all kinds.
The Haddocks created a physical space—from the handmade furniture to the stone path winding through the vegetable and flower gardens to the expanded sun room—that is kind and inviting. The love and attention to detail which penetrates the space offers beauty and warmth. It is a place without distractions, where the joy of building, learning, climbing, working, singing and laughing can happen. They have indeed created a place that preserves childhood.
A volunteer Board of Directors, made up of current and former Cobb Meadow parents with Libby as permanent member and wise presence, continues the work that Jim and Libby began.

Cofounder Jim Haddock pressing cider with the children in the early years of the school